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an update on arrangements. First, an answer to Peter's query

On 10/24/12 12:00 PM, peter.sheppard_at_xxxxxx
> In my very simple engineering view, the poll was for the "MAJORITY" to select "ONE OPTION". This
> was the SCSC, so why is a "partnership" between SCSC and Bielefeld now being considered?

You'll have to ask Tim Kelly. I would say the "choice" he was offering didn't really exist - Tom and I and others in our organisations have only ever discussed cooperating to offer community services. It's not the first time and I doubt it will be the last.

We, SCSC and RVS Bielefeld, wish to provide a liberal service, appropriately decoupled from any special interests, consisting of a mailing list and archive on the York model from 19 May 1995 to 27 June 2012 (when the archive stops). Discussions between us have all been about technical matters, mostly resilience, meaning, roughly, that the list+archive continues as seamlessly as possible when one of the providers falls over. For example, the archive will be mirrored.

List participants are welcome to consider Tom and myself and Jan Sanders maintainers of this list. I invite participants to contact any of us directly with any concerns. Notes to the list-maintainer through the Mailman IDs go to Jan, who handles them directly or forwards as appropriate. We might add a couple more people, involved already but not yet named, as explicit maintainers.

BTW, I guess I should point out that I now have (at least) two roles: PBL the list joint maintainer and PBL the discussant. I consider them separate roles.

The archive is up and running, and has been for a while so we are moderately assured of some stability, but not yet with a reasonable URL. That is planned to happen early next week.


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