Re: [SystemSafety] Qualifying SW as "proven in use"

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Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 11:59:22 +0100


> There seems to be a general feeling that qualifying SW statistically via
> the approach given by the exponential failure model is not practical,
> because the data requirements are overwhelming - it is regarded by most
> as implausible that companies will have the requisite data to the
> requisite quality even for SIL 2. But even if you qualify your SW for

No data no SIL 2 qualification.

Software engineering has a culture of not measuring and keeping data. This is starting to change, but empirical software engineering has only just started:

I am currently writing a book on empirical software engineering and with some effort have often been able to find one instance of a data set covering a topic of interest (yes, one, not two or three or more; it is also surprising how often I email researchers for their data from papers published a few years ago and they no longer have it):

What we also need are experiments involving the people who write software, this is even thinner on the ground. My own experimental work + and data here:

If anybody knows of any interesting datasets do please let me know. I am making all data+my analysis code public and so have no interest in data I cannot freely share.

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