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Actually there  are three main  C and C++ test suites.   The two Derek
mentioned (one of which he distributes )  and the Solid Sands test suite,
formerly the ACE test suite which has a 30 year history.  CAVEAT: Phaedrus
Systems distributes Solid Sands in the UK. 

I have a couple of videos on compiler testing, one by  the author of the
Solid Sands test suite

and one by an Independent consultant, Olwen Morgan about compiler testing in
general that discusses all three main test suites

There is also one important question:  Is this a hosted  or self-hosted
The requirements for a hosted library are not the same as a self-hosted

I know Solid Sands provide a qualification kit that is used by several


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On 26/10/2015 13:05, Stefan Friedrich wrote:
> Dear Safety Experts,
> I'm wondering if there are tool providers who support ISO26262 or IEC 
> 61508 compliant qualification of libraries such as the C/C++ standard 
> libraries; this could be for instance in the form of or as a part of a
compiler qualification kit. I'd appreciate any kind of hints and comments.

The most extensive compiler C/C++ qualification tests are the Perennial and
PlumHall validation suites.


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