[SystemSafety] a public beta phase ???

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Are people thinking about a transitional capability rather than making a
jump to full authority?

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> > Is that presentation (or any variation) available anywhere?
> It will be posted to someplace on the AOW web (
> hsi.arc.nasa.gov/workshop/aow).
> > Could you give a summary?
> I stayed away from the argument about whether software programmers at
> design time would make more or less mistakes than pilots in situ.  I didn't
> think I had anything significant to add to previous discussions.  Instead,
> I looked at the cost of implementing a dependable architecture for
> full-authority pilot assistance (PA) that would be "one subsystem to rule
> them all" (apology to Tolkien).  Such PA would have access to almost every
> control in the cockpit (few exceptions, e.g., possibly nose-wheel steering
> and anything not required for safe flight) and that would make it
> multi-chapter "Level A++".  This level of authority would be needed for
> single pilot operations (SPO) and reduced crew operations (RCO) where a
> single crew person incapacitation would be the whole crew.  Additional
> points:  crew incapacitation isn't that rare (about 30/yr in UK) and don't
> necessarily fail benignly (e.g., seizure kicks rudder hard-over).  Some
> simple cockpit devices (e.g. circuit breakers and
>  switches) which have no universally safe state would have to be replaced
> by quad actuators.  There are a lot of such circuit breakers and switches
> in the cockpit.  The PA computations would need four fault containment
> zones and at least triplex intercommunication (to tolerate just one
> Byzantine fault).  The degree of PA invasiveness into existing systems
> would require a complete redesign of the cockpit; prohibitively expensive
> for retrofit and dubious for forward fit.  Then, there's the control
> hand-back problem (aircrew not ready to accept control when it's thrown
> back to them in the event of a PA failure) and cryptography issues for the
> RCO case (latency and international legality).
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> > Hi Kevin,
> >
> > [] ...  The reason I was at Ames was to give a presentation titled
> > "Cyber Safety and Security for Pilot Assistance".  Yes, that's semi-
> > autonomous air crew replacement (reduced crew operations, single pilot
> > operations, etc).  Synopsis:  I don't think it's viable in the
> > foreseeable future.
> > []
> > I'd be really interested to know what you think are the key hurdles
> > that make the various reduced-crew operations not viable yet. Is that
> > presentation (or any variation) available anywhere? Could you give a
> > summary?
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> > Cheers,
> >       Alvery
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