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GRAZEBROOK, Alvery N alvery.grazebrook at airbus.com
Thu Aug 25 15:32:09 CEST 2016

Going back to the basic question, I think this study will be basically about 2 things:
 - Human factors
 - Data safety.
It seems likely that these systems will be used in various information contexts in connection to safety-related practices. For example, maintenance and troubleshooting, mission planning ...
HF issues such as completeness of checks, procedural guidance etc. come into it. Data issues such as correctly entering parameters for checking (e.g. selecting appropriate doses of drugs) all fall into this category. 

Having said that, I do note that the call explicitly excludes apps used as part of a system that is already regulated (e.g. medical), so perhaps I'm looking at the problem from the wrong angle. 

Another classic example: The Sat-Nav - humans don't work well with contradictory instructions. If there is a traffic sign e.g. no-turn, but the sat-nav system indicates "please turn here", there will be people who follow the sat-nav app and could put themselves in danger. 

It is amazing how people follow the instructions on these devices against all reasonable sense. I've twice now helped pull vehicles out of the mud on Green Lane near my house. This is a "RUPP" (Road Used as a Public Path) which is legally a right of way, but in practical terms not navigable even in a 4WD. It appears on people's sat-nav, but is very obviously rutted and muddy. If the Sat-Nav hadn't indicated the route, no-one would have got stuck. 

Maybe the better way to think about it is in terms of liability. If someone writes an App, and it gives a person an instruction to do something un-safe, who is liable?                                                           


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