[SystemSafety] Comment on Risks note on "Smart Power Outlets" (RISKS 29.72)

Peter Bernard Ladkin ladkin at causalis.com
Thu Aug 25 17:39:49 CEST 2016

On 2016-08-25 17:05 , Martyn Thomas wrote:
> It's not impossible (though culpably stupid) that someone would leave a radiant heater plugged in
> somewhere that could cause a fire if it was left on for a while. The electrical protection might cut
> in when the fire finally caused the cable to melt, but it would be too late ...

10 people died of this in 2011/12, apparently. Section 3 of
25 died in fires through faults, and 11 fires through misuse. I have no idea how these categories
were determined.

Of course, it could only happen in countries which use electrical radiant spot heaters. I've not
seen one in Germany. I once told my heating engineer's wife that I was using a Dyson blower for spot
heating and she lectured me. Then her husband lectured me. Then his senior techie lectured me. I was
worried the friendly neighborhood policeman was going to drop by..........


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