[SystemSafety] Safety and Cybersecurity: A Dispute

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Hi Peter, *,

> So what do people here think? I have examples (e.g., my blog posts) to
> demonstrate that cybersecurity issues have to be considered essentially
> when devising safety requirements. The DKE formal guidance says that
> cybersecurity measures concerning safety functions and those concerning
> operational functionality have to be treated differently. And there is a lobby
> which says that this is "counterproductive". Can safety and cybersecurity for
> IACS effectively be separated, or are they intevitably intertwined?
Since you asked for an opinion, here's mine.

There are people who are praising the English language for having two distinct words: "safety" and "security".
Other languages / cultures don't see the need to separate these two (German: Sicherheit, French: Securité, etc.).

- "safety without security" is not a thing
- "security without safety" may be a thing


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