[SystemSafety] Report: Autonomus Driving Disconnects

David MENTRÉ dmentre at linux-france.org
Sun Feb 5 09:04:42 CET 2017


Le 2017-02-05 à 04:25, paul_e.bennett at topmail.co.uk a écrit :
>     The link you referenced does not work for me. Is the link below the
>     one you were referring to?
>     http://spectrum.ieee.org/cars-that-think/transportation/self-driving/the-2578-problems-with-self-driving-cars
>         Makes interesting reading whatever you think of the conclusions.
> It gets you to the same report.

I found this report not very interesting as, said in the article, it is
difficult to compare figures coming from different car makers as they
count disengagements in very different manner (e.g. see Google's way of
"counting" disengagements after checking in simulation if the car was at
fault or not).

I found the interview of Gill Pratt much more interesting, with a
realistic view of strong limitations of current "autonomous" cars and
challenges in meeting public expectations:


Sincerely yours,
D. Mentré

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