[SystemSafety] List of standards related to Cyber-security / Safety-Security mix?

Andrew Banks andrew at andrewbanks.com
Thu Sep 14 10:48:35 CEST 2017

Hi David

Traditionally, Safety and Security have been separate - although obviously
they do interact. To be definitive, any list of relevant standards would
need to be very long, and the infamous XKCD cartoon [*] applies.

Nick has already addressed Aerospace... for the rest, Safety has largely
settled on IEC 61508 (and derivatives, including ISO 26262 for automotive)
but Security is a plethora of competing works-in-progress, although I have
long argued that the ISO 270xx family (ex BS 7799) is probably adequate...

At the heart, though, needs to be a resilient development process (eg ISO
15288 for systems, ISO 12207 for software)

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Does anybody maintain a list of standards or standardization work on
Safety-Security mix and Cyber-security with impact on Safety?

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