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[from Mike Parsons]

SCSC Events Update
Here's an SCSC events update. Full details at: https://scsc.uk/diary.html?opt=SCSC

26th April, London: Seminar - Safety and Security Integration. This event looks at the latest
developments in practical integration of Safety and Security: in analyses, processes, management,
assessments and assurance cases. https://scsc.uk/e560

17th May, London: Seminar - Eye of the ISA on highly automated vehicles. This ISA Working Group
event focusses on the challenges associated with highly automated and autonomous transportation that
is emerging in many domains. It will cover different industries and applications, from autonomous
vehicles to swarms and collaborative systems. It will examine the challenges for Independent Safety
Assessment and stakeholders wishing to provide safety assurance of autonomous vehicle systems.

14th June, London: Seminar - Safety of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT devices are now used in our
homes, our transport, our workplaces and even in our bodies. Along with new services and products
using IoT come new risks and safety concerns. Many of these devices have security vulnerabilities:
SCADA systems have weaknesses such as those exploited by Stuxnet; home control hubs can be
vulnerable, allowing attackers to tamper with heating, lighting, power and door locks. This seminar
will consider the safety risks with the use of IoT in various areas and safety-related applications,
and examine approaches to their management. https://scsc.uk/e564

Also the Call for Abstracts is now out for SSS'19 to be held in Bristol in February 2019:

Mike Parsons
SCSC Events Coordinator, scsc.uk

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