[SystemSafety] Report on Risks of UAVs in US NAS

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Thanks Tom,
That clarifies the question of authoritative weight. I’m still keen to hear how the recommendations are ‘going down’ in the old school.  Or is it too soon to know.


BJ Martin
Safety and Certification Capability Lead
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Just a clarification.  Although this report was requested by the FAA, it was not published by the FAA.  The FAA can choose to implement the recommendations or ignore them at their discretion.  Within the US, there is significant pressure to enable UAS technology to the greatest extent practicable without eroding public safety.  In some cases, this pressure is coming from industries where the use of UAS is actually seen as a potential sea change in safety.  An example of this is the use of UAS for high-power line inspection.

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Does anyone know if there has been any reaction or acceptance of the recommendations in this study report by the FAA?
It seems an inevitable but considerable shift from their historical approach to safety management at the air vehicle level.

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Subject: [SystemSafety] Report on Risks of UAVs in US NAS

New from National Academies Press. PDF is free download.



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