[SystemSafety] GPS jamming

Olwen Morgan olwen at phaedsys.com
Thu Jul 11 15:03:11 CEST 2019

To put this further in context, I've often wondered whether the orbiting 
GPS/GALILEO/GLONASS systems were ever really cost effective idea if they 
can be spoofed. All that putting things into orbit does is make it 
harder for criminals to take those assets out. A terrestrial system with 
equivalent accuracy could, AFAI am aware, be set up using a network of 
shore-stations and a fleet of Flettner ships carrying navigation 
beacons. The ships get and share accurate fixes from shore stations and 
cover the oceans. That would probably mean long-wave operation but so 
what? With enough ships (presumably much cheaper than satellites ???) 
the required redundancy ought, AFAI can see, to be achievable.



On 11/07/2019 13:49, Martyn Thomas wrote:
> GPS can be spoofed cheaply too ...
> Martyn
> On 11/07/2019 13:24, Phil Koopman wrote:
>> Addressing an earlier point, GPS was likely more compelling for
>> aircraft than ships.  Ships simply don't move all that fast, so the
>> ability to get an instant navigational position update is more
>> important for aircraft and other flying objects.  While imperfect,
>> Omega and Transit worked pretty well for ships in their time (if you
>> were actually paying attention to navigation).
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