[SystemSafety] GPS jamming

Peter Bishop pgb at adelard.com
Mon Jul 15 11:01:45 CEST 2019

On 13/07/2019 21:06, Martyn Thomas wrote:
> How woul;d a ground station that did not see the spoofed signal
> calculate an appropriate correction?
Obviously it cannot.

And this would be an inherent vulnerability that could be exploited.



> Martyn
> On 13/07/2019 11:18, Peter Bishop wrote:
>> I am not an expert, but I understand EGNOS works out corrections to
>> standard GPS signals
>> based on a limited number of ground stations (who obviously know where
>> they are).
>> If spoofing is in a localised area, the ground stations (located
>> elsewhere) would not see the spoof (just the regular satellite
>> signals), so the resultant broadcast Egnos correction data would just
>> make a small correction to the spoofed GPS signal.
>> Or have I got this completely wrong?
>> Peter Bishop
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