[SystemSafety] Uber Advanced Technologies Group publishes its "Safety Case Framework"

Martyn Thomas martyn at thomas-associates.co.uk
Mon Jul 22 16:58:28 CEST 2019

It doesn't come close to the hard questions, such as "how safe is safe
enough?" and "what evidence would be sufficient to show with very high
confidence that this level of safety has been achieved?".

So far, they have published the goals. I'd like to see one of the
hardest goals (cybersecurity for example, or even just "securing the
supply chain") taken into enough detail that it exposes how this will be
done and explains how the assurance will be sufficient for a
safety-critical system.

Why does Uber think they have to reinvent all this? Why not start with
the processes that are used by Airbus, Siemens and Boeing, say?  And
update them with the special problems that autonomous cars face (such as
high bandwidth connectivity, machine learning, and cyclists).

If they don't build explicitly and rigorously on what other
safety-critical systems engineers have done, they will have to repeat
decades of work and failures.


On 22/07/2019 14:58, Paul Sherwood wrote:
> Colleagues referred me to an article [1] describing Uber's "...
> blueprint for safe self-driving cars it wants the rest of the industry
> to follow".
> I think the article is an interesting read in itself, separate from
> the Safety Case website [2] and Uber's own article about the approach [3]
> [1]
> https://qz.com/1667964/ubers-launched-its-safety-case-for-self-driving-cars/
> [2] https://uberatg.com/safetycase
> [3]
> https://medium.com/@UberATG/trailblazing-a-safe-path-forward-e02f5f9ef0cc
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