[SystemSafety] Volkswagen loses in court

Peter Bernard Ladkin ladkin at rvs.uni-bielefeld.de
Tue May 26 11:01:50 CEST 2020

Volkswagen has lost in Germany's highest court.  Herbert Gilbert bought a VW Sharan people carrier
in 2014. Volkswagen must refund him the purchase price of the car, minus mileage costs. €28,257.74
Gilbert is one of 60,000 owners on whose behalf the litigation is proceeding. So VW is looking at
€1.7bn if they all cost similarly.

Another way of looking at it is: that is not a huge amount of money (did I really say that?). Why
didn't VW just pay it out right away and retain good will? It may be because such an action could
then be cited as a precedent in other countries with similarly large numbers of customers, and there
are lots of those.


As far as the judgement itself goes, I am like: well, of course. What other outcome could there be,
if a customer doesn't accept a retrofit?


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