[SystemSafety] Mercedes and Autonomous Driving

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Hello Peter

UN Regulation 157 is a "type approval" regulation - have they got approval against this regulation under either the European or Worldwide Type Approval scheme (meaning it could now be used in any territory that subscribes to one of those regimes) or is it only a German national approval but using Reg 157 as a framework?

David W

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"Autobahn-similar" probably refers to the relative lack of junctions or pedestrians, and the presence of a central barrier - the car just has to drive slower than other road users, like a certain supermarket's lorries in the UK.


On Fri, 10 Dec 2021 at 11:27, Peter Bernard Ladkin <ladkin at causalis.com<mailto:ladkin at causalis.com>> wrote:
I read in my local newspaper this morning that Mercedes-Benz have got the worldwide first "type
certificate" for self-driving systems. It is called a "Drive Pilot"; it follows UN rule 157, and it
allows hands-free driving at a maximum of 69kph along "autobahn-similar roads". The article says
this covers quite a few Autobahnen, but I can't see how this can be -- the only 60kph limits on
Autobahnen are in narrow lanes past road works.

"Type certificate" means that the German road vehicle authority has issued a permit for its use on
German roads. It will be in the S-class Merc and the electric Pendant EQS.


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