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John Spriggs the.johnspriggs at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 19 14:15:57 CEST 2021

A new peer-reviewed on-line journal is in preparation that should be of
interest to users of this list.  The success of such a journal is
contingent on having a very broad pool of competent and supportive
reviewers.  This is a call for such reviewers; if you would like to help,
*please* register on our journal web-site
<https://scsc.uk/journal/index.php/scsj/user/register>, tick the Reviewer
box and add the topics you would like to cover.

The journal is the "Safety-Critical Systems eJournal" (ISSN 2754-1118), and
will be published at https://scsc.uk/journal  There will also be an annual
print volume of the previous year's issues.  The publisher is the UK
Safety-Critical Systems Club (SCSC), a Community Interest Company, whose
website may be found at https://scsc.uk/  <https://scsc.uk/>

   - The primary function of a peer reviewer is fact checking.
   - Please also check that explanations and arguments are clear.
   - In your opinion, is anything missing, e.g. justification of a claim,
   or a reference to a useful supporting resource?
   - If you think the work is unsuitable for publication, please clearly
   state why, and offer suggestions as to what can be done to remedy this.
   - Note: Grammar, spelling, formatting, and typographical errors should
   be caught at the copyediting stage, but please feel free to highlight them
   if you wish.

Like to be an author?  A formal call for papers will be issued soon.
Thanking you in advance

John john.spriggs at scsc.uk  <john.spriggs at scsc.uk>
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