[SystemSafety] Book: “Demonstrating safety of software-dependent systems”

van der Meulen, Meine Meine.Van.Der.Meulen at dnv.com
Wed Jun 1 15:00:49 CEST 2022

The three-year Safety 4.0 project<https://www.dnv.com/safety40> has just finished, and has resulted in a set of guidelines, a book and a lecture course. The aim of the project was to arrive at a framework for demonstrating safety.

All of the results can be downloaded for free. This includes the pfd version of the book “Demonstrating safety of software-dependent systems”, of which a hardcover version can be purchased at Akademika.no<https://www.akademika.no/9788251503242/demonstrating-safety-software-dependent-systems> for 200 NOK (around 20€).

The cover of the book reads:
“Systems get more and more complex, and depend increasingly on software; so how do we demonstrate their safety? It appears that many of the proven methods may no longer be fit for purpose, because they often depend on the assumption that if all components function as intended, the system will be safe. In complex software-intensive systems, the interaction between components becomes critical, rather than their individual behaviour. This demands a systems approach to safety, with a multi-faceted analysis of its properties.

In this book, we explore the challenges of the introduction of novel technology, aiming to find new approaches to demonstrating that these complex software-intensive systems are safe. We use the introduction of electric Christmas trees as an example, because they challenge the existing legislation and mindset, which is often still based on conventional electro-hydraulic technology. What kind of evidence do we need to convince stakeholders that electric Christmas trees are as safe as the old ones? How do we convince ourselves that the software does not exhibit unwanted interactions?”

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