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What an environment this must be to work in. Having this 'Sword of 
Damocles' hanging over their heads every day. Coming in to work in the 
morning and wondering - while ones workstation boots - if today is going 
to be the day...

> the "expensive exhaust cleaning" should have made "any engine developer 
> suspicious" that things were not as being claimed

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On 2015-10-15 00:28 , Chuck_Petras at selinc.com wrote:
> "AT LEAST 30 Volkswagen managers played a role in using software to 
cheat on emissions testing
> on more than 10 million diesel cars, Der Spiegel reports."
> Dozens of Managers Were Involved in VW?s Diesel Scandal 
> <

The Spiegel article (in German) is largely just titbits, but interesting 
nonetheless, at

- -

The investigation is being conducted by VW itself along with the 
international law firm Jones Day.
Someone with knowledge of the investigation says there could be more 
involved than those
identified already. The managers identified are being put on leave.

The engine has been used in production cars for seven years, and has been 
tested many times during
this period, in various different car models, to determine that it fulfils 
the emissions
requirements. A "VW-Manager" told Der Spiegel that the apparent situation 
that the engine
fulfilled the emissions requirements without the "expensive exhaust 
cleaning" should have made
"any engine developer suspicious" that things were not as being claimed.

Der Spiegel noted that a similar situation happened at the beginning of 
the Siemens bribery
scandal a few years ago. At the beginning it was said that just "a few 
people" were involved, but
later quite a few Board members had to relinquish their posts. There is a 
resume of this scandal
and its consequences at


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