[SystemSafety] Open safety standards for driverless cars

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Hi Matt,
Myself and John Howard (not former Aus PM) posted back in May with reference to an arstechnica article for the Voyage start up. This was their sharing link:

I feIt it was met with some scepticism (or insight) on motives and likely success in the current state of the industry.  Eitherway not much list discussion on merits or quality/maturity of their work or my suggestion for analogy of developments in UAS safety risk assessment methods, by JARUS.

More recently I have had exposure (via a large symposium) to the diversity of AV industry temperament on safety proof questions in the US and UK/European and Asian vehicle producing nations.  There was a lot of international industry and academic collaboration effort going into building simulation engines, models and scenario databases to cover all as many “corner cases” as possible to validate live decision making performance of new designs. (I guess they’ve worked out it will be a shortcut to driving billions of miles to ‘prove safety in use’). The momentum and language seemed to be that safety arguments would be thereafter mounted. For some reason sharing knowledge in this space appears the obvious answer, however agreeing on systems engineering approaches as fundamental and a set of common safe design requirements is a ‘conversation stopper’.

Prof Phil Koopman made the point in Plenary (for those listening) that the automotive industry is working towards what are essentially transport solutions, yet bizarrely are successfully holding out on being regulated in the same manner as all other forms of public transport.

This is a point of fascination (and probably naivety) for me coming from Aviation, Defence and recently via rail systems and industrial safety. I would be pleased to hear more worldly, insightful and less idealistic safety perspectives in this forum.

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Is anyone aware of an open standard for driverless cars safety? I believe that there was at least one company in the biz that was looking to release a set of internal development standards to that end, but for the life of me I can’t find out who that was. Thanks in advance.

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