[SystemSafety] Open safety standards for driverless cars

Mario Gleirscher mario.gleirscher at tum.de
Thu Aug 9 09:51:00 CEST 2018

Hi Matthew, BJ, and all,

I would like to make a point assuming (1) future mobility schemes will
actually experience a big change (for a number of reasons) and (2) our
societies will adhere to strong safety cultures:

From my experience with automotive industry, information sharing among
car vendors would for sure help them dealing with the obviously upcoming
safety-related questions society will piece after piece pose to them.
But information sharing is one thing that stands hugely in conflict with
dealing with market pressure, much more than in other domains, I would
suggest. This sharing includes painful/nasty but essential internals
relevant for substantial aggreements on confident safety arguments, and
such agreement is what they are supposed to reach, indirectly from a
liability/legal point of view. I think traditional business models of
larger car vendors (not all) stand drastically in contrast with safety
arguments for upcoming schemes of mobility. Those safety arguments will
be costly, probably blasting their budgets unless tax payers or a lot of
time is helping them. I can imagine that even comprehensive corner-case
approaches avoiding billions of scenario driving miles will be too
costly to be funded by single vendors.

So, given the above assumptions, I am really very curious to know about
how they will manage to deal with that whole thing without entirely
restructuring their businesses, soon.

Have a nice day,

On 08/08/18 02:42, Martin, BJ wrote:
> The momentum and language seemed to be that safety arguments would be
> thereafter mounted. For some reason sharing knowledge in this space
> appears the obvious answer, however agreeing on systems engineering
> approaches as fundamental and a set of common safe design requirements
> is a ‘conversation stopper’.

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