[SystemSafety] Looking for information about safety-critical software faults in road vehicles

Mario Gleirscher mario.gleirscher at tum.de
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Thanks Michael,

"The question that this lawsuit may help clarify is how soon automakers
must disclose potential safety issues caused by software bugs."

That does indirectly also address the RCA doc question "How deep are we
required/regulated to go with RCA?" raised by Peter couple of days ago.

Have a good day,

On 23/08/18 06:35, Michael J. Pont wrote:
> This case was highlighted on another list and may be of interest:
> https://spectrum.ieee.org/riskfactor/computing/software/court-allows-lawsuit-to-proceed-against-fiat-chrysler-over-software-flaw
> Michael J. Pont
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> Subject: [SystemSafety] Looking for information about safety-critical software faults in road vehicles
> Other than the "uncommanded acceleration" reports and the remote control of vehicles by researchers, can anyone give me details of safety-critical software faults discovered in road vehicle software?
> I well understand that manufacturers may have corrected such faults (or
> not) without a recall or publicity and that details may be very sensitive. I will give strong assurances of confidentiality - I'm just trying to understand the scale of known issues.
> Martyn
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