[SystemSafety] Texas gets its first self-driving car service

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What makes this announcement interesting is the fact that Andrew Ng <
https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.andrewng.org_&d=DwIFAw&c=zVFQZQ67ypsA9mYKSCqWmQHiVkCCaN-Gb60_N6TVnLk&r=pjt5Qb3gJzryBfBXnuPwxegPJ24EB8fMTrQoIrx8jhYCCKxRUPdJnuk316N51Elz&m=LVgX6IAOkOFsfn7u9X7ZaA3cnDUKVPnEyJ9W0_KsBTg&s=-vqevP-hrQDwjEOwKbPg63Mj7OADawKeJ8aXZhEoTX0&e=>, a luminary in the field of artificial 
intelligence, makes the pronouncement "I am thrilled that self-driving 
cars are finally here."

"Starting in July, [drive.ai] will run a fleet of driverless vehicles 
around Frisco, Texas, a city of 164,000 people on the northern edge of the 
Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Announced today, the six-month pilot?which 
will keep human safety operators behind the wheel, ready to grab control 
if the car gets confused or misbehaves?marks Drive.ai?s first large-scale 
effort to put people in its cars, and the first such deployment in Texas."

Texas gets its first self-driving car service

"For example, no self-driving team has a realistic roadmap to reliably 
interpret the hand gestures of a construction worker waving for a car to 
proceed; computer vision just isn?t good enough yet. Thus, we are 
partnering with governments and private parties to deploy in geofenced 
regions, where we can find other ways for construction workers to 
communicate with our fleet operations team."

Self-driving cars are here 

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