[SystemSafety] C++ and Pointers

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Entertaining, but clearly a mis-quote out of context. Derek was making some (valid) comments about measuring the characteristics of buffer-overflow attacks, and then finished with:
" I cannot think of any research looking at this.  Pointers welcome."

Clearly not the endorsement of C++ programming that Olwen is accusing him of. 

Good opportunistic rant though!


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On 06/06/2019 17:18, Derek M Jones wrote:


Pointers welcome.


No, pointers are *unwelcome* owing to the complexity of aliasing and overflow problems they create. You can create efficient and secure large-scale services very easily with applicative/concurrent languages like Erlang.

Software engineers who write critical systems in C++ should be sent to gulags to do more useful work.

How long does one have to keep on saying these things before the 
lumpen-engineeriate finally gets it?



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