[SystemSafety] GPS jamming

Phil Koopman phil.koopman at hushmail.com
Thu Jul 11 14:24:49 CEST 2019

Why Naval Academy students are learning to sail by the stars for the 
first time in a decade
“We shouldn’t get too comfortable with our technology — there should 
always be an ability to double check”

Addressing an earlier point, GPS was likely more compelling for aircraft 
than ships.  Ships simply don't move all that fast, so the ability to 
get an instant navigational position update is more important for 
aircraft and other flying objects.  While imperfect, Omega and Transit 
worked pretty well for ships in their time (if you were actually paying 
attention to navigation).

On 7/11/2019 4:29 AM, Peter Bishop wrote:
> Yes, it is absolutely crazy to be so dependent on such a vulnerable system.
> I guess eLORAN is regarded as an unnecessary expense,
> but I would see it necessary insurance.
> Peter Bishop
> On 10/07/2019 13:04, Martyn Thomas wrote:
>> But GPS is so easy to jam and so widely used across the economy for
>> precision position and timing that it is likely to be increasingly
>> jammed by terrorists and other hostile agents. A few watts in a
>> balloon takes out a very large area.
>> The world really needs a terrestrial backup, such as eLORAN.

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