[SystemSafety] Uber Advanced Technologies Group publishes its "Safety Case Framework"

Olwen Morgan olwen at phaedsys.com
Tue Jul 23 13:32:23 CEST 2019

On 23/07/2019 03:31, Bruce Hunter wrote:


Although it misses the supporting strategy or context, it is good that 
they have gone public with this but it needs wider scrutiny and 
judgement against accepted standards.


Uber's strategy will, IMO, be largely irrelevant because they do not 
control the fixed infrastructure in which their AVs will run. Railways 
have a dedicated infrastructure for trains and aviation has dedicated 
infrastructures for both civil and military flight. AV's will not be 
using a dedicated infrastructure and they will be trying to shoe-horn 
safety into environmental constraints that their designers had no part 
in setting.

I'm expecting AVs to work safely only where a such infrastructure can be 
provided, e.g. inter-terminal shuttles at airports or physically 
separate dedicated lanes on public roads. IMO no amount of in-vehicle 
technology is going to compensate for hazards arising from the existing 
design of non-dedicated infrastructure. The likely result, I suspect, 
will be a series of accidents before people realise that the lack of 
dedicated infrastructure is the critical problem.


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