[SystemSafety] "FAA chief '100% confident' of 737 MAX safety as flights to resume"

Olwen Morgan olwen at phaedsys.com
Tue Dec 1 16:15:38 CET 2020

On 01/12/2020 13:17, Peter Bernard Ladkin wrote:

> The phenomenon which MCAS is said to relieve is:
> * in a particular flight regime (actually, in two, I think)
> * if the pilot is putting in back stick to raise the AoA, heshe 
> requires a certain stick force to do so
> * as the AoA rises, that stick force remains the same or lessens. Regs 
> say that is a no-no.
> During this manoeuvre/these manoeuvres, if the pilot releases the 
> stick, the aircraft will return towards its trimmed attitude (which 
> means inter alia that AoA will decrease, since back stick was required 
> to have/keep it high).

So AFAI can now make out, the problem is that, without MCAS, the pilot 
might at some point pull the stick back too far owing to the sudden 
decrease in force required? ... And it would be that kind of pilot input 
that might swiftly raise the AoA toward a risky level? ... And this is 
what some have, erroneously, called " a tendency to pitch up"?


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