[SystemSafety] Faults in maths proofs

Olwen Morgan olwen at phaedsys.com
Mon Dec 14 13:19:59 CET 2020

A propos of US politics ...

I'd like it to be known that I did my bit in manipulating social media 
against the present incumbent. (If Russia could do it last time, why not 
an individual in 2020?)

Since sparkling wit is too good for Trunt, and hard to serve up in large 
volumes, I opted for juvenile, vulgar, scatological school-yard jibes 
(which are also too good for Trunt but much easier to serve up in decent 
amounts). The net result was that I posted, in comments on US news clips 
on YouTube, a few hundred different ways of calling Trunt a specimen of 
ordure ... to the extent that YouTube suspended my account.

I'm taking that as a badge of honour and won't be asking YT to revoke 
the suspension. It was huge fun and staved off boredom during the worst 
of the lockdown. I leave you, therefore, with the text of but a single 

"Dogturd J. Trunt: The poor pooch that sh at t him onto the sidewalk has 
now had an emergency @rse transplant to make sure that nothing of the 
kind ever happens again."

... upon which cheery sentiment I bid all here the greetings of the season.


On 12/12/2020 20:19, Derek M Jones wrote:
> Les,
>> Take the Americans. Having got rid of Trump they’re on their way, 
>> giving more credibility to
> We will find out who is going to be the next president of the US on
> Monday, when the electoral college votes.
> Given the obvious volume of fraud in the swing states some states
> may decide not to cast their votes.
> The news media have been reporting that there has not been widespread 
> fraud,
> this is true, it only happened in the swing states.
> The news media are also reporting that there has not been any 
> organized vote
> rigging.  The 'unusual' pattern of voting is better explained by lots of
> individuals independently 'doing their bit' to add in some votes in the
> swing states.
> Next week could be very surprising to many people, or it could be dull.

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