[SystemSafety] Leak Kills People in India

Peter Bernard Ladkin ladkin at causalis.com
Thu May 7 10:09:23 CEST 2020

So you are running a process plant which includes safety risks, as many or most do. Including
storing noxious substances.

But then comes a pandemic infectious disease, the whole area goes into lockdown ---- and that stuff
just sits there, unattended and uninspected, for weeks?

Let us hope the story is more subtle than that.

I hope the same is not done with nuclear power plants.


[begin quote]
Styrene leaked from the Korean-owned LG Polymers plant during the early hours of Thursday morning
when families in the surrounding villages were asleep, a local official in Andra Pradesh state said.

The leak was from two 5,000-tonne tanks that had been unattended due to India’s coronavirus lockdown
in place since late March, according to a local police officer.
[end quote]


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