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I hope this request is in line with the intentions of the systemsafety
Digest. If not, please let me know.

I am currently working in a systems engineering role at a relatively small
US robotics company (link: https://www.roboticresearch.com/ ). We have a
variety of robotics programs (both air and ground) spanning commercial and
defense applications. For better or worse, I've found myself gravitating to
the system safety aspects of systems engineering as that's been one of our
company's greatest needs of late. So far I've gained working familiarity
with various system safety standards (UL4600, IEC 61508, MIL-STD-882 E, ISO
26262, ISO/PAS 21448, etc.), and have started implementing some of the
processes recommended by these standards (usually in small and informal
ways). Basically, I'm doing what I can to grow my company's internal system
safety / safety engineering expertise so we can rely less on expensive
external consultants and, more importantly, build safer systems.

Anyway, I'm ready to take the plunge and enroll in a graduate program that
will further my career goals and benefit my company. After a bit of
searching for system safety focused grad programs, I was surprised to find
relatively few options (none in the US as far as I can tell..this
certificate program was the closest I could find, but it is not a proper
Master's program:
https://aviationsafety.usc.edu/certificate-programs/system-safety/ ).

So I'm wondering if anyone in this distro has any recommendations of
programs I should investigate. Here's some info that may be relevant:

- BS Mechanical Engineering (ABET accredited, 3.8 GPA)
- 5 years of industry experience (traditional Systems Engineering and
Integration & Test)
- Working understanding of hardware, software, and electrical principles
(software skills are the strongest of the three, but I'm certainly not a
Software Engineer)
- Program would need to be in English
- Fully remote is strongly preferred (likely required)
- Part-time is strongly preferred (likely required)

Any info you could provide would be much appreciated!

-Ben Quigley
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